SD70M Diesel Locomotives

Era: 1992 to present day.

Features: Celcon handrails, Separately applied wire grab irons, Etched radiator intake grills, Etched radiator fan grills, Correct "nub" style walkway tread detail, Window glazing, Separately applied air tanks, Railroad specific details, Opreating headlights utilizing microbulbs, Units are DCC ready using Quick Plug™ technology, McHenry® scale knuckle spring couplers, and prototype specific details per phase and prototype.

*** Notice ***
Pictures are representaions of some paint schemes and details for each road name not all schemes are shown.  To view each unit's paint scheme and details please visit the Athearn website.

Road Item #   Road # Sale Price

YN2 Scheme

Sold Out


YN3 Scheme

G6172 4681 $100.00
EMD Lease


G6181 7005 $104.98
Southern Pacific G6187 9813 $105.00
Union Pacific

Wings Scheme

Sold Out

Union Pacific

Flag Scheme

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Last Reviewed: December 2014

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