Thrall Triple 53' Articulated Well Cars

When the domestic intermodal container market settled out in the late 90’s, the 53’ long container emerged the winner. Car builders responded with new wells of like size to accommodate the new standard. Introduced in series service in early 2000, Thrall’s triple 53’ articulated well car was certainly the best looking of the 53’ wells. Angular wheel cut-outs, three flared-bottom wide and eight narrow side posts give this intermodal age well car character.

Features: Each car has three wells, Walkway variants specific to prototype, Etched metal detailing, Detailed brake valves, Sharp hand grabs and stirrups, Runs on 18" radius - recommended for 22" radius, and Floor pin holes for Atlas and other brands of containers.

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Pictures are representaions of some paint schemes and details for each road name not all schemes are shown.  To view each units paint scheme and details please visit the Atlas website.

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Pacer Stack Train 20 001 267
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TTX 20 001 278 728749 $88.00

Last Reviewed: October 2014

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