PC-90 Piggy Packer

Features: Positional boom rises, lowers and holds in place, Far side arm rotates up to clear top of trailer or container, Near side arm extends and retracts in two positions, Powerful magnets located under lift for "top" lifting of containers, Thin-wall cab design, Steering wheel and mock-up control panel, Amber clear warning light (non-working), Scaled diameter railings and see-through walkway, Weighted to prevent tipping of tractor when lifting a trailer, Rubber tires, Optional bumper depending on prototype, Optional catwalk over right front tire, depending on prototype, Optional railing and ladder on lift, depending on prototype, Optional container-only spreader available separately and put into place.

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Pictures are representaions of some paint schemes and details for each road name not all schemes are shown.  To view each packers paint scheme and details please visit the Wheels of Time website.

Road Item #   Road # Sale Price
Container Spreader 30001

No Picture Available


Used by EL, D&RGW, and others


Sold Out

BNSF 30006 $64.00
Burlington Northern 30004 $64.00
Canadian National 30007

Sold Out

Canadian Pacific 30003 $64.00
Central of New Jersey 30019 $64.00
Chicago & Northwestern 30018 $64.00
Cotton Belt 30021 $64.00
FWD Wagner 30016

Sold Out

Milwaukee Road 30009

Sold Out

Norfolk & Western 30005 $64.00
Seaboard System 30010

Sold Out

Southern Pacific 30011 $64.00
Union Pacific 30012 $64.00
Western Pacific 30017 $64.00

Last Reviewed: April 2018

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