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The people behind Spring Creek Model Trains....

I am David Zucker who, along with my wife Debby, started our hobbyDeb and Dave
store business in 2000. It has been a lifelong dream to own my own model railroad hobby store. We have grown from a 5’ x 10’ x 6’ trailer to a store and a web-site. We still love doing the week-end "train shows" and we travel throughout the Midwest.

I have been in love with trains for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Deshler, Nebraska on a branch line of the “Rock Island” railroad. My mom always said she knew where I was whenever she heard the train whistle blow, and she always gave me a break when I was late for supper if there was a train coming through town. Deb moved to town when her father took over as the Depot Agent in 1971.  The rest, as they say, is history. Deshler is located on Hwy 136 - 8 miles west of Hwy 81 in south central Nebraska. We are about 14 miles south of the UP’s “Marysville Subdivision”. I have learned to love coal trains partly because that is about all we see.

Store PictureI actually began a manufacturing venture in the hobby several years ago. A friend helped me make custom designed molds for casting lead weights. My weights were specialized for several different cars that did not come with a weight from the manufacturers. Be sure to check out my “custom weights” page. From there it was a giant leap of faith to start our store. Our current stock is designed to accommodate the contemporary HO and N scale modeler. Our oldest son Jeff and I model in HO scale and our younger son Mike chose to be different and model in N scale therefore that is what we began to carry.  I also have extended my love of coal trains into my hobby store by commissioning LBF Company to do several custom painted runs of coal cars for unit trains exclusively for us and of course I made a special weight for them too.  Since our custom runs of coal trains we have done some more custom runs with other manufacturers.  Visit the custom cars page to view all of the custom runs we have done.

Thank you for visiting our website and maybe someday we’ll have the privilege of meeting in person. Always remember, “have fun with your trains”.